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Wyoming Wildscapes II

The awesome Light Alive Photography of Nicolaus Wagner combined with original music by Ghost Kollective inspiring me to want to visit Wyoming.

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Discover Middlesbrough – Tour of William Lane Foundry

The Discover Middlesbrough Festival (Facebook, Twitter) is an annual celebration of the town. This year I took the opportunity to visit the William Lane Foundry, what a treat!

You can also follow Edward Bilcliffe from the Foundry on Twitter.

Recent piece on CNN about the Foundry:

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Sunny day visit to RSPB Saltholme

Summer again toward the tail end of September with
beautifully sunny weather today. Decided to take a walk at

Parked up


Walked past the playground


En route to the wildlife watchpoint passed the Mad


Views of the Tees Transporter Bridge in the


Spotted swans, moorhens and coots, assorted ducks,
Canadian geese, tits and finches, sheep (including two going at
each other), cows, massive dragonflies and loads of butterflies.
The wildlife garden was in full bloom.


This post was also an experiment in walking around taking photos with an ipad. It wasn’t too terrible…similar to an old school fixed focal length lens you have to get used to walking up to things rather than zooming for a decent shot so don’t expect to take photos of the tiny birds, far away.

A nice feature especially at Saltholme was having a bird app. Perfect for next time we take our nephews and niece if they want to know more about a particular bird.

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Greatham in Winter

Walking around our village. The idea for a bird feeder snowman came from the Wild Britain Facebook page.

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Jules Allen: Double Up at Leica Gallery

If you are in NYC at some point until January 5th, highly recommended is the current photography exhibition at the Leica Gallery.

Jules Allen – Double-Up features photos taken at Gleason’s Boxing Gym in the mid-80s. Gorgeous, grainy, smoky, black and white photos that evoke a world you feel privileged to get a glimpse of.

Some of my faves:

Jules Allen Photography: Boxing &emdash;

Jules Allen Photography: Boxing &emdash;

Jules Allen Photography: Boxing &emdash;

View a slideshow here

Reminded me of how much my dad loved to watch boxing.

Steve was blown away by the depth of field in the photos, commenting how difficult it is to do even a mediocre attempt at something similar in photoshop.

Also on show in the Oskar Barnack Room find German and Austrian Photography including photos from Freud’s office!

Today was the second time I’ve been to the Leica Gallery – both times what was on offer was superb.

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