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Fail Necklace at Primark

Epic, ROFL, OMG, Fail necklaces at Primark

was unsure of the target market for these fail necklaces from Primark. Good thing I have clever friends

These are for my Christ-SMS tree

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Fun day in Sunderland

Had a day off of work today.  Took the train to Sunderland to meet Richard. We started off going to Sunderland library home of the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art. There were a couple of exhibitions on. Giuseppe Davies: Vie is an interactive installation on until the 3rd of April.  It is a screen that responds to touch with lights and sound. It’s very pretty.  The larger exhibition on is  Think  Tank: A marketplace of ideas ending 13th of Feb so we are lucky we caught it. A bunch of ideas to reflect and improve society…Richard liked the We Not Me poster.  I liked the Institute of Economic Affairs map, simple, pretty and interesting – reminiscent of the Information Aesthetics Blog.

Then we went to Angelo’s Ristorante for excellent Italian food which  Richard got to order with a silly Italian accent – good fun.  For appetizers we had Formaggio di Capra e Rosti di Patate Croccante and Camembert. The main event was Ravioli alla Pizzaiola and Tagliatelle con Vedura e Zafferano.

Ring from Stardust in SunderlandFor desert we went to Stardust which has a cute and crafty gift shop downstairs and a pretty cafe upstairs. Picked up the ring at left from the gift shop. Under £4 and a bit of fun. Upstairs, it’s a shame there weren’t more people there – the couches are the kind you sink into and the coffee and lemon cake were yummy. It seems like a perfect spot for students to camp out in with laptops and to just hang out. Stardust - Cute Cafe in Sunderland

I then attempted to recreate the artwork on the wall of Stardust, a photograph of a sculpture just outside.  It is a 2008 sculpture called Seachange by Laura Johnston.  It is meant to recall the hull of a ship and the shipbuilding heritage of the area as it transforms into something new. [Part of the Sunderland City Centre Public Art Trail]

Unfortunately it was raining so we didn’t want to spend too much time attempting to get the shot. You can see my few attempts on flickr.

I got distracted from the original mission of recreating the photo in the cafe because I loved the trees being reflected in the steel:

Seachange Sculpture in Sunderland

Seachange sculpture in Sunderland

Candle and bracelet from PrimarkTo get out of the rain we headed into Primark and picked up some cheap and cheerful shiny, pretty things – a sparkly bracelet for £2 and some pillar candles for £1.75 each. The little charge you get from picking something up for £2 and £10 is really the same and lasts about the same amount of time (and £100 doesn’t really last ten times as long) – it’s a good thing to remember. We then stopped off at Richard’s to pick up the cute and stinky Florence and set off for Hartlepool.

I am a terrible navigator. Hopefully this will change when I learn how to drive. After a number of phone calls to Kev to set us back in the right direction we had a nice relaxed evening with some gewurztraminer from Chile via Morrisons and a quick sweet and sour chickeny bits with rice dish a la Kev.

Mostly it’s just the two of us but it was nice to have company too.  It’s easy to forget when you get into you routine.

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Wii Family Trainer

Kev and I just got a Wii Family Trainer from Tesco while getting some milk and a few other bits. This was on the recommendation of a woman I commute with in the evenings. It has a whack a mole game on it : )

Had fun playing with it the only thing that pissed me off about it was that there is still a difference in price between buying a gadget here vs. in the US. It is called Active Life Outdoor Challenge in the US and is a bit cheaper for the exact same game and mat. The only differences as far as I know are the box artwork and the ratings systems used in the US vs. Europe.


UK edition features visuals of a whole family – mom, dad and a boy and girl.  Boy and girl are playing – parents are on the couch behind them. The mom has a evry traditional crossed-legs pose. The U.S. version features only a boy.

The evolution of the artwork in the 2 regions via  Extreme Challenge (the next game from this series) UK version has a whole family again but this time mom is moving rather than having her legs crossed. The U.S. version now features a boy and girl and still not targeting adults.

Wii Family Trainer

Wii Family Trainer

Wii Active Life

Wii Active Life

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Guilty treats and spelling

It is too easy to spend money. Grabbing lunch at Boots and picking up cute, cheap jewelry is the latest way to piss away money £5 at a time.

So far, two rings and a pair of earrings….

The spelling is jewellery in the UK.  There’s a nice wikipedia article on American and British English spelling differences.

When I was a kid growing up  in Brooklyn I liked the British u added to colour and labour. I found it aesthetically pleasing or something. I wrote colour on a spelling test which was marked wrong. Being a nerd I brought in a dictionary and pointed out to my teacher that it was an acceptable alternate spelling.

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Geeky or Covetous? I want this shirt.

I Be Au Sm - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

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