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Adventures in miscommunication

Kev: Do you have a pen over there?
Me: You have one over by the TV…
Kev: eh?
Me: Oh, do you mean an actual pen?

In the UK they call USB keys / thumb drives – pen drives…I was referring to the USB key sticking out of the DVD player thinking that’s what he needed….um he was looking for an actual pen :)

Does this mean I spend too much time in front of a computer?

Gave him a visitmiddlesbrough.com pen from my desk.

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Guilty treats and spelling

It is too easy to spend money. Grabbing lunch at Boots and picking up cute, cheap jewelry is the latest way to piss away money £5 at a time.

So far, two rings and a pair of earrings….

The spelling is jewellery in the UK.  There’s a nice wikipedia article on American and British English spelling differences.

When I was a kid growing up  in Brooklyn I liked the British u added to colour and labour. I found it aesthetically pleasing or something. I wrote colour on a spelling test which was marked wrong. Being a nerd I brought in a dictionary and pointed out to my teacher that it was an acceptable alternate spelling.

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Language: At the Moment vs. At the Minute

Random thoughts on language: Things take longer in Hartlepool. In NYC I would say “at the moment” as an expression of current time; here they say “at the minute.”

It’s not a British vs. American difference according to google.

“+at +the +moment” = 88,700,000 entries generally; 2,490,000 on sites from the UK

“at +the +minute” = 566,000 entries generally; 196,000 on sites from the UK

A large proportion of the total “+at +the +minute”s are coming from the UK. I wonder if it’s a city vs. town divide with people from [small] towns in the UK being online more than their American counterparts.

We still say “Up to the minute” [for breaking news], and “up to the moment” doesn’t sound right…I think I use “at the moment” for personal thoughts and individual actions, minutes for something external that requires some time.

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