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The Happy Time Christmas miracle – Thank you HTC

HTC DesireI was going nuts the last few days looking everywhere for my phone. I have an HTC Desire.

Yesterday morning, getting into our car we spotted the phone encased in ice on the ground right near where we usually park.

The last time I used the phone was Wedneday night so it must have been there since then.

We felt like paleontologists digging a fossil out of the ground. Kev used his keys to scrape it out of its icy casing that was just beginning to melt.

It had a white rubbery case on the back. The colour blended in with the ice. There were dark marks on the case, so we think it must have been run over too.

We let it dry out for the day and yesterday evening we put Kev’s battery in my phone and it worked!!

The only damage is a slight crack on the clear glass part over the camera lens – but the camera still works. And there seems to be slight damage to the top right corner of the touchscreen. But the phone works perfectly.

It was such a relief because I have over a year left on the contract and we weren’t sure if the HTC Desire would have damp sensors like the iphone. Thankfully not. The HTC Desire is one hardy phone!!

So here’s to a Happy Time Christmas miracle. Thank you HTC.

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