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Darlington Cultural Conversation – 21 April 2012

Went to the Darlington Cultural Conversation at the Darlington Arts Centre hosted by Culture Vulture’s Emma Bearman¬†and Michael Chitty from Realise Development.

Again impressed with them both, Emma takes great care to make every person feel welcome, makes introductions and in general keeps a constant eye out for incoming attendees.

Michael instills a sense of order even in the unconference format with a light touch.

An unconference has no set agenda, people suggest topics for conversation they are willing to lead. These are then organised into time slots. Pick the conversation you want to join or have a side chat, no worries.

There was also an art fair going on in the Arts Centre at the same time. Bought a few felt button pins from one of the traders – too cute!

As with the previous convo, people brought food to share. Thank you anonymous person who brought homemade cupcakes – the chocolate one was delicious!

Reconnected with someone from the first cultural convo I attended and met a few new folks.

Conversations on mayors, art made of books and Bar and Books and the potential for an art book project in the area, on money and the importance of art-y people having ¬†business skills or access to people who do and the ability for the two tribes to converse in a common language – Art-biz-speranto? and where do we go from here on Teesside…

Projects I learned about yesterday in alphabetical order:

Cafe Create

Darlington for Culture

n0tice.com via Foodie Sarah

Openart Studio

Send a book to Mali

Vane Women

Hope a few people were intrigued enough with Bar and Books and #borotweetup to come on 4 May.

Thank you to the lovely and talented designer Amanda Bradley who gave me a lift home.

Thanks Mike for posting an RSA Animates video on your blog. Off to watch them all now! Though the playlist is embedded below these are worth watching in full-res on youtube.

FoodieSarah’s report from the event.

May have convinced Glen to get a Samsung Note too.

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