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Monday Night Tempest and the art of Ted Lange

Monday Night Tempest Program


Classic Stage Company is awesome again. Went to see a reading of The Tempest last night. The culmination of their Monday Night Open Rehearsal Series where you explore parts of a text with different directors and actors. It had Michael Cumpsty reading Prospero with Brian Kulick directing (full cast below). There are times when I go to a crappy show and am really impressed by the lighting or the scenery in service of something mediocre but a night like this reminds you that a good text and good actors are all you need.

Full Cast (Apologies for any errors. The program listed only their names so matching the actor to the character was via google searches and process of elimination in some cases.):

Craig Baldwin – Antonio
David Costabile – Trinculo
Michael Cumpsty – Prospero
Herb Foster – Alonso
Melinda Helfrich – Miranda
KK Moggie – Ariel
Luis Moreno – Caliban
George Morfogen – Gonzalo
Lorenzo Pisoni – Ferdinand
Steven Rattazzi – Stephano
David Skeist – Sebastian

Upcoming at CSC is an open rehearsal series for Aquila Theatre Company and The Iliad. I think I’ll skip that one but for those unafraid of the classics go for a really unique theater experience.

Discovered the artwork of Ted Lange via a boingboing link to his Son of Super Mario today with some great drawings based on The Tempest.

I don’t think that he is Isaac from The Love Boat.

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