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Christmas 2013 – Snowmen Cookies

This year we made Snowmen Cookies. These would be great to make with kids because they can roll the balls of dough and decorate after they come out of the oven. They also don’t require the dough to rest for a while so are relatively quick to make.

We had a block of vegetarian¬†orange icing left over from a Halloween idea we didn’t end up making, it was perfect for carrot noses and scarves and hats for the snowmen. We would get additional colours for next year.

Kev dug out a small hole in the face and put some gel in to make the nose stay until it hardened.

We used the easy cookie icing recipe to coat some of the snowmen, though we thinned it out with water to make a thinner coating.

We used vegetarian Tesco mini chocolate crispies for the eyes on the snowmen, for some of the decorations and the eyes on the strawberry santas (the recipe calls for poppy seeds but these work well).

All photos below taken with a Samsung Note.

Snowmen rolled and ready to go into the oven

Snowmen on baking tray ready to go

Kev making carrot noses while they were in the oven

Making carrot noses

Final result

Snowmen cookies

Snowmen cookies loosely wrapped

Strawberry Santas


A good day with family

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