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Ranting about ads: Jeff Buckley

In the last year there have been two commercials screened on TV promoting yet another post-humous Jeff Buckley collection. Below is the original advertisement for “So Real: Songs from Jeff Buckley.”

Original cover

Original cover

link to new TV ad

Links to new TV ad

After Alexandra Burke won X Factor (UK singing competition with Simon Cowell as a judge/producer) and the winner’s song was announced as a cover version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah a grassroots effort was made by the UK public (facebook group) to bring Jeff Buckley’s single to Xmas number 1 instead.

For fans, Alexandra Burke’s gospel-ly version just seemed to miss the point unless it’s ironic but according to this article that does not appear to be the case.

A cheap attempt to capitalize on this fervor came in the form of a new TV ad and CD cover being released.

The new advertisement attempts to capitalize on the X Factor tie-in by increasing the font on “Hallelujah” obscenely, larger than the artist’s name. It also appeals to the same maudlin tactics the television show is skewered for by focusing on the tragedy of his death (in a new print ad and tv ad). On this season’s X Factor, what should have been the personal tragedies and triumphs of the contestants, was spun in an endless parade of PR and airtime, there was a contestant with a dead wife, one with a dead mother, a new baby sister, a dead almost grandmother, etc.

Just thought the bad taste should be documented. When I saw the new ad it made me want to throw up and throw something at the TV. Instead I ranted at Kevin and now I bring the joy to you.

And now for my cheap attempt to capitalize: Amazon Jeff Buckley Store.

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